Redirecting Fundacja Promocji Zdrowia Seksualnego - THE GOALS OF THE FOUNDATION


The goals of the Foundation are as follows:

  1. Promoting of sexual and reproductive health and dissemination of health education in those spheres;
  2. Preventing discrimination, isolation, segregation in the sphere of sexuality, especially due to sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, health;
  3. Conducting and supporting medical research, especially research connected to sexual and reproductive health;
  4. Promoting theory and practice in the sphere of medical sciences, especially those connected to sexual and reproductive health;
  5. Centering science representatives around the ideas of the Foundation, inside and outside of Poland.

The Foundation pursues its goals by:

1) Creating a positive approach towards sexuality in society, taking into consideration complex conditions and factors that determine sexual conduct, relations and satisfaction;
2) Taking actions to implement legislation that is against different forms of sexual abuse and to provide legal guarantees of access to sexual therapy for victims and perpetrators of sexual violence;
3) Promoting safe sex;
4) Promoting universal and widely available sexual education, based on the newest accomplishments in medical studies;
5) Organizing educational initiatives that aim to heighten the sexual awareness in society and increase the knowledge of sexual health;
6) Taking actions to incorporate sexology into the curriculums of medical universities and faculties of psychology;
7) Taking actions to increase the number of sexologists and sexologist health centers;
8) Cooperating with universities and other educational organizations;
9) Cooperating with public institutions inside and outside of Poland;
10) Organizing student practices and training courses inside and outside of Poland;
11) Promoting new methods of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy in curing sexual dysfunction;
12) Developing international cooperation with regards to promoting sexual health;
13) Funding scholarships and awards for special achievements in meeting the statutory goals of the Foundation;
14)Cooperating with the local medical authorities with regards to protection and promotions of health and medical research;
15) Cooperating with natural and legal entities interested in the goals of the Foundation;
16) Organizing or financing:

a) research concerning sexuality in the spheres of psychiatry, gynecology, neurology and other associated fields;
b) conferences, symposiums and training courses;
c) various activities: publishing, promotional, educational and informational;
d) development of computer programs used in medicine.