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Sexual health is the integration of biological, emotional, intelectual and social aspects of sex life, aspects important for a positive growth of personality, communication and love.

If any of those elements do not function properly, the others suffer also, which can lead to diverse dysfunctions, complexes and lowered self-esteem. Among these problems are: mental health dysfunctions (psychosomatic, depression, neurosis, etc.), feeling of low self-worth, conflicts and stress in partner relationships, irritability in interpersonal relationships.

Sexual health is a broad term and encompasses not only problems related to the quality of sex life, but also topics like: contraception, prevention of neoplasmic diseases (breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostatic cancer), sexually transmitted diseases, replacement therapy during meno- and andropause, professional help for victims of sexual violence.

Award for the Fundation

Award for the Funtation

We inform, with great pleasure, that the Foundation for the Promotion of Sexual Health has received the “As a choice, not by accident” award for the promotion of sexual education and modern methods of contraception.