Redirecting Fundacja Promocji Zdrowia Seksualnego - ACADEMY OF SEXUAL HEALTH


The Academy of Sexual Health was formed with the decision of the Board of the Foundation for the Promotion of Sexual Health, to carry out the statutory goal of the education of society in the sphere of prevention and dysfunction of sexual health.
The lecturers and authors of the respective training courses in clinical, judicial, social and cultural sexology are experienced specialist doctors – sexologists, recognized specialists in their field of study.
The Academy will organize lectures and workshops for different social groups interested in training in the sphere of human sexuality:

- in the basic and specialist range in the sphere of sexual physiology and pathology, designed for family doctors, primary care doctors and all doctors interested in helping their patients to solve their sexual problems;
- specialist training courses in the sphere of therapy of originators and victims of sexual violence, directed at different proffesional groups and interdisciplinary teams;
- for the workers of the justice system in the problems of sexual violence;
- for journalists interested in touching upon the problems of sexuality in the spheres of sexual physiology and pathology;
- for the youth, in the sphere of basics of sexuality and sexual rights;
- for patients in the sphere of dependence between one’s general health condition and sexual prowess and the impact of various diseases and medicines on the quality of one’s sex life.

The second important goal realized by the Academy of Sexual Health will be the organization of seminars, conferences, aimed at particular groups of recipients – meetings presenting the newest results of scientific research in the sphere of sexuality, informing about new pharmalogical products used in curing sexual dysfunctions and new methods of diagnosis, but also informing about the dangers and the possibilities of counteraction of diseases and afflictions affecting the quality of the sex life of modern society.
The chief of the Training Program of the Academy reponsible for the substantive level of the training courses is Andrzej Depko, MD.