Redirecting Fundacja Promocji Zdrowia Seksualnego - ABOUT THE FOUNDATION


Foundation for the Promotion of Sexual Health is an independent, non-governmental non-profit institution, operating from 2008, set up to popularize the knowledge about the meaning of sexuality for a healthy society.
The Foundation will pursue its mission by promoting, initiating and materially aiding scientific, medical, educational, media, editorial, legal activity for the healthy growth of sexuality in individuals and societies, and also organizational, innovative and economic activity that helps to popularize and realize the goals of the Foundation.
A very important element of the Foundation’s activities will be civic enteprises, pointing out the importance of a fullfilling sex life and creating mechanisms that motivate towards finding help with specialists, when problems regarding sex life appear..
In its activity the Foundation:
• is independent from state and political institutions; 
• does not replace the state and local governments in their basic duties in organizing and assisting prohealth initiatives; 
• responds to existing needs and initiates enterprises and ideas promoting sexual and reproductive health;
• oversees and organizes informative programs, serving to promote, in different social and professional circles, knowledge about sexual and reproductive health;
• organizes specialist courses for the medical community in the fields of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of sexual dysfunctions and also in the broader thematic scope of sexual health in society;
• conducts research and analysis broadening the knowledge about sexual health in society and constituting the basis of projected activities;
• acquires material assets for the above activities.